New Macaron Recipe (Laduree) – Review

Do you hate fragile, thin shells that shatter the moment you pick one up to eat?
Do you feel your soul shriveling at the sight of hollow shells?
Me me me, I do. I told one of my readers,

“I used to pick up my macarons ever so gently with my thumb and index finger and very carefully, slowly lift it to my mouth to try and take a bite only to accidentally crush the feeble shell to smithereens a centimeter away from my mouth, finding it despairingly hollow, and ending up with macaron shell bits scattered all over my lap, completely ruining the experience.”

Well I’ve finally discovered the not-so-secret way to prevent it from happening ever again with this new recipe.


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Marshmallow Fluff Recipes

I actually have two marshmallow fluff recipes; a simple one with just three ingredients and one that has a few more ingredients and steps. The first one, with three ingredients, is delicious, soft, and fluffy. The second marshmallow recipe kind of reminds me more of the real thing. It’s a much stickier, gooey, fluffiness. Both taste great!


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S’mores Macarons

 These s’mores macarons have graham cracker shells with a fluffy marshmallow and chocolate ganache filling. I replaced some of the almond flour with crushed up graham crackers to get that real s’mores taste. This has probably got to be my favorite macaron to date!

S'mores Macarons4

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How to Make Macarons: An Illustrated, Step-by-Step Guide

I have gone through countless batches of maca-wrongs before finally achieving the desired result of fully formed feet, no hollows, and smooth shells. It was definitely a rough start for me in the beginning. Reading endlessly on how to make macarons, I gleaned information in hopes of being successful on the first try. Yeah, that didn’t exactly work out.

I learned the hard way with an inordinate amount of trial-and-error because it was difficult for me to substantially change what I was doing in fear of ruining a batch even worse than I had before. After making batch after batch, I slowly deduced what worked and what didn’t. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned along the way with the intention of helping others make great macarons.
If you’ve never made macarons before, this will be perfect as a starter in learning how. And if you’ve already made them before but are still struggling (really, who isn’t), there’s still a lot of great information and tips that might help!

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