About Me

Hi, I’m Iris.

I’m a 23-year-old from Los Angeles, California. Macarons weren’t really on my radar until my mom’s excitement for them spilled over and infected me. At my mom’s request (insistent demanding), I reluctantly agreed to take a 3 hour macaron tutorial class (THREE WHOLE HOURS) at Sur La Table with her since her English wasn’t that great and she needed me to translate. Fortunately and unfortunately, I came out of that class with a full-blown obsession with macarons. (Fortunately: I had something new and wonderful to be excited about in my life. Unfortunately: Making macarons > everything; i.e. sleep, food, water.)

The desire to make macarons has since been uncontrollable and I’ve cranked out over 50 batches in the first couple of months alone. Seeing all the macarons that I was making, I felt an urge to share what I was doing and hopefully in turn feel positive about my newfound baking hobby (since my family no longer is as supportive and loving to my macaron endeavor after their bite into the 86th macaron I insisted that they try). So here I am, ready to venture into the bake-and-blog territory.